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The Castle of Divides

Bek Trent works for the MASO, an organization tasked with maintaining the tenuous balance between magic users and the rest of society. Silver Alurian ...

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The Shadow's Lament

Bek Trent suffered dire wounds in battle with the Zara. He wakes to find himself injured, poisoned by the Zara's dark magic, and far from home, with h...

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The Broken Mirror

Bek Trent and Silver Alurian returned to their own time, but the world has changed in their absence. A magical cataclysm now threatens everyone and ev...

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Extra Content

Hello readers! I have been working on adding extra content to the site to flesh out the world of Biogenes. In the future, I will most likely add more of my works as well. Extra content can only be found here, and includes things like detailed character guides, maps, and encyclopedias.

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About Crea

Hello, Readers! Welcome to Creasward.com. I'm a fantasy writer with a love of animals and a deep interest in science, technology, and the relationship between man and nature. I enjoy navigating all of these topics in my writing. I truly believe in everyday magic, the ordinary yet extraordinary wonders of our world. This includes the supernatural, so expect to encounter the unexplained throughout my stories!

As a child, I was a voracious reader, and I remember my biggest struggle was that I couldn't afford to feed my love of books. I spent hours at libraries and bookstores, and wish the same for any aspiring book lover. That is why I've chosen to write web novels, and make them available to my readers without charge. I do, however, accept and deeply appreciate funding to continue my work (and put food on the table). While I might have extra goodies available for purchase in the future, I do not plan to block readers from enjoying the adventures of Silver, Bek, and Elorian in any way. I hope that you can love these characters as I do, and grow with their struggles as I have!

Be the Light in the Darkness,

Crea S. Ward